World Wide WebGL

A demonstration of using WebGL to do web-based cartographic drawing on the GPU.

How to view

Unless this is THE FUTURE, you will likely need to download and configure a pre-release version of your favorite browser to view it. If the animation has really poor frame rate (~10fps or less) it's probably running on a software OpenGL fallback. Make sure you're using the latest nightly build of your browser with a graphics card that supports OpenGL version 2.0 or better.

Use the "Animate" button to flex the superpowers of WebGL.


This &yet production was created by @natevw early in 2010 October. It reprojects both a raster texture and vector polygons, using GPU-accelerated programmable shaders via WebGL. The map contents are derived from the most excellent Natural Earth dataset. This demo and all its data is hosted via CouchDB, so you can replicate this demo to a local machine for quicker initial load times. The source is on GitHub as well.

More info: behind-the-scenes blog post.

The demo, already...

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